Our Plant Love Promise


Community, environmental sustainability, mental health and the principles of giving back.

These are and will continue to be the key elements that reside at the heart of Plant Love Naturals.




Considering the environmental, social and economic impact that businesses have in a local community (and beyond), we believe that there are far more important keys to success than our year-end profits.


Plant Love Naturals has created a plan and committed to the change we seek in our world: our very own Plant Love Promise.


Spanning from grassroots efforts through community action days, to fundraising on behalf of global non-profits and relief NGOs, our goal is clear: to use our brand as a conduit for positive change within our domestic and global communities.

Plant Love Progress

Hours Volunteered


Meals Distributed


Number of Action Days


Our Commitments to Change in 2021

One-Percent Promise

1% of all profits will be donated quarterly to the local, domestic and global charities we’re currently contributing to, across our three pillars of philanthropy:
• Community: ACLU
• Environment + Sustainability: WeForest
• Mental Health: Wounded Warriors Project

Plant Love Action Days

Every month, the Plant Love Naturals team comes together to lead a community action day benefitting one of the pillars of our philanthropic efforts: within the community; bettering our environment; or in supporting improved mental health alongside a healthier lifestyle


Quarterly Fundraisers

There are countless non-profits that need our collective and individual attention for the causes they support. We will be amplifying the voices of different non-profits each month, directing traffic to their websites and donation portals.

Our Pillars of Philanthropy


  • Homelessness
  • Hunger
  • Resources
  • Education
  • Racial equality + justice
  • Gender equality + justice
  • LGBTQ+ equality + justice
  • Community re-entry

Environment + Sustainability

  • Offsetting our carbon footprint
  • Clean water
  • Environmental beautification
  • Sustainable farming
  • Recycling + Upcycling
  • Minimizing waste

Mental Health

  • Veterans
  • PTSD
  • Stress, anxiety + depression
  • Body image
  • Suicide awareness
  • Physical fitness (alongside balancing mental health

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